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Ready to order? Online orders are fast and easy, or contact us to get help placing your order!
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shirley temple can & straw.jpg
shirley temple can & straw.jpg
shirley temple can & straw.jpg
shirley temple can & straw.jpg
shirley temple can & straw.jpg
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We are locally owned and operated! Proudly serving Oregon and SW Washington for nearly 30 years!


We provide fast and friendly delivery service to a wide range of customers up and down the Willamette Valley.


We would love to serve you!


Ordering online with Soda Express is easy and convenient!
Contact us today so we can get you set up. 


Choose the way you would like to place orders ... Phone  |  Email  |  Online
'Tele-Sell' (Phone & Email)

This is the old-school way we built our business! One of our Soda Specialists will email the day before your delivery date to get your order. You can call or email us your orders.

Check out the Contact Us page.

Online Ordering

It's super easy to do and lets you see your order history plus all new items. Contact us today to get setup with our "Now Commerce" account. It takes minutes to set up!

Check out the Contact Us page. ​

            Low $150 Delivery Minimums 

            30-day guarantee on all products from the date of invoice - offering credit or exchange

            We offer 2 payment terms - C.O.D. (with a 1% discount) cash or check - Credit Cards 

           Longest standing family-owned and operated distributor in Oregon

            Supporting local, small businesses and brands. Many popular brands have gotten their rise to fame from these four walls.

Proudly Woman Owned & Family Operated Since 1998.

We Believe Flexibility is the Key to Customer Service!

Soda Express Beverage and Snack Delivery


Streamline your distributors and let Soda Express do it all!
We deliver and do the merchandising!
Soda Express Beverage and Snack Delivery

You're going to love our drivers! They are trained to work efficiently and respectfully while making deliveries to our customers.


They check-in products  with the store manager, rotate products, fill the coolers, put the stock away, and break down all the left over boxes. Our team is like an extension of your staff, the work hard, are on-time, and don't interfere with your customers. 

Woodburn Liq.jpeg

We offer a great selection of snacks and many are local products made right here in Oregon. We love supporting LOCAL businesses!

  • Werner's - Meat & Cheese, Trail Mixes & Candy made in Tillamook. OR.

  • Betty Lou's - Fruit Bars, Energy Balls, Assorted Candy Bars all Gluten Free.

  • Community Snacks - Free of all allergens & 10% of profits are donated.

Soda Ex Cooler.jpeg

We have a variety of coolers that we have recycled, refurbished and renewed to fit our customers needs. We can personalize them to fit with your business vibe. 


We don't sell these coolers, we loan them to customers that retail our products. We also offer a variety of displays for snacks and chips. Please contact us for more information. 

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